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International sweet treats and gifts boxed with Babcia’s love.

Babcia Anna hand-curates domestic and international items and tasty gift boxes to nurture cherished ones such as parents, significant others, godparents, grandchildren, friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors, pen pals, long-distance loves, and more. Many edible items are imports from Poland, so certain items may be substituted due to current availability.  

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Babcia Anna

Słodkie Candy, Gourmet Jam Box 🌸 Mother's Day Sale!🌸

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Babcia Anna has packed all of her sweetness in a box with a jar of homemade gourmet flavored jam/jelly (USA) and an imported variety of Polish hard candies and a Babcia surprise treat. It's a perfect gift for a loved one, a work colleague and/or to treat yourself. Why not brighten up your day with jam and candies? Enjoy, because Babcia approves these sweet treats.


  • One jar of your choice of homemade gourmet jam or jelly (USA). This Pennsylvania-made jam/jelly contains no high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Two packs of assorted hard candies imported from Poland
  • A tasty Babcia Anna surprise treat

*Homemade jams are U.S. domestic and subject to availability. Hard candies imported from Poland are subject to substitution based on availability, although the flavor profile will aim to remain the same.

This box contains nuts and/or is produced in a facility where nuts are processed.

xoxo, dziękuję

Babcia Anna

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Due to international sourcing, some items may be subject to availability or substitution in the gift box. Due to the consumable aspect of this gift box, returns are not accepted. If your mailing address on file is incorrect and your gift box gets returned to us, we cannot refund shipping costs. All sales are final.